What makes certain family law attorneys better than others?

Over the years I have gone up against dozens of attorneys in my family law cases. Some of those attorneys have been skilled litigators, while others have been absolute hacks. I have decided to attempt to list the attributes that make a fine divorce attorney.

But, before I begin I want to point out that you do not have to guess at which attorneys are good anymore. With online reviews, you can see what past clients say about their attorneys. Feel free to check out some of my reviews.

Here are some of the attributes that set certain attorneys apart from the pack:

#1. Devotion to the Client

I have gone against some attorneys who come out swinging, because they genuinely care about their client and their client’s case. On the other hand, it is apparent to me when opposing counsel is not motivated to fight for their client. When an attorney doesn’t care about their client, they do not fight hard and they generally do not prepare well. An attorney who is genuinely devoted to your case is one of the most important attributes of a good attorney.

#2. Knowledge of the Law

At some point there is just no substitute for knowledge of the law. If an attorney is not knowledgeable about an area of the law that is pertinent to their client’s case, they will be at a disadvantage. Make sure you chose a family law lawyer who knows the law well. I am fortunate in that I learned family law at the feet of my very experienced mother who is a Certified Family Law Specialist.

#3. Courage

There is nothing worse than having a family law attorney who is scared. Some attorneys are scared of the judge, scared of opposing counsel, and scared of being in court. Make sure you hire a family law attorney who is fearless. In my experience a bold attorney often gets better results for their client. When you meet with a family law attorney to hire them, make sure they are bold and exude confidence.

#4 Integrity

A good family law attorney has integrity. This means that the attorney is honest and fair in their billing, and works on a client’s case as if it was their own. Trust your gut when you meet with a family law attorney. You will generally get a good feeling when you are consulting with an attorney with integrity. If the attorney seems slimy, move on.

#5. A Good Communicator.

Great family law lawyers communicate clearly and frequently with their clients. The best family law attorneys return their clients’ phone calls and emails promptly. This category often comes back to devotion to the client. An attorney who likes their client and believes in their case is much more likely to communicate well. Likewise, select an attorney who has good verbal skills, who expresses themselves clearly. This will pay dividends in the courtroom.

#6. Work Ethic.

One of the secrets I have discovered to getting great results for my clients is out working the other side. It is rare that I find another attorney who works harder or prepares more thoroughly than I do. There is no substitute for hard-work if you want to get great results. Find an attorney who is willing to put in the time to prepare your case well, master the facts, and fine tune a winning strategy.

#7. Respected in the Legal Community.

It will be a great advantage to you if you have an attorney who commands the respect of opposing counsel and the family law judges. Other attorneys in the field quickly figure out who is good and who is not. Once an attorney is respected, it is much easier for them to get the results their client needs.

If you find a family law attorney who possesses all of the attributes listed below, you should hire them promptly, as their calendar will likely book up quickly. We use the criteria above when hiring attorneys at our office. I am proud to say that our attorneys possess all of these attributes.

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