Whether a client is on the receiving or paying end of a spousal support order, inevitably the two most common questions clients have pertain to the amount and duration of spousal support. When spousal support is appropriate, the Court usually issues a temporary spousal support order. Temporary spousal support orders last until the case is resolved by a judgment being entered.

Upon the entry of a judgment, if appropriate, the Court may issue a judgment spousal support order, sometimes referred to as a permanent spousal support order. Judgment spousal support orders can be issued for a finite period of time. Alternatively, such orders can be open-ended and thus effective for an indefinite duration.

The amount of spousal support, both on a temporary and judgment basis, depends on a myriad of factors. Among other things, the relevant factors include the length of the marriage, the income, education, marketable job skills, health of the respective parties, and the marital standard of living. The parties’ tax statuses are also relevant.

The assigned judicial officer is also a relevant consideration with regard to spousal support awards. Judges have wide discretion in balancing each of the mandatory spousal support factors and issuing or denying a support order. Some judges tend to be more liberal in their awards while others tend to be more conservative.

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