The Enforcement of Family Court Orders

Once a court order has been made, it is sometimes difficult to obtain compliance of that order by one or both parties. The attorneys at theLaw Office of Cameron M. Fernandez are adept at enforcing parties’ obligations required by court orders by utilizing the following methods:

Contempt Actions

An Order to Show Cause re Contempt can be filed to request penalties against a party who is not following a court order. It is an effective tool to thwart ongoing disobedience of court orders and one that the attorneys at the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez are not afraid to use.

Attachment Procedures

There are a variety of procedures that can be used to obtain property, money or support that has been awarded to a party in a divorce, legal separation or child support matter. Liens may be placed on real or personal property and wage assignments or earnings withholding orders can be placed on a person’s wages. At the Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez, we utilize every attachment procedure available to us in making sure our clients receive all court-ordered monetary or property awards.

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