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The Law Office of Cameron M. Fernandez is among the best family law firms in Southern California. Our firm is dedicated to delivering high quality representation to our clients. Our approach starts with our commitment to customer service and client communication. We know our clients well, and take great pride in actively communicating with them throughout their representation. We combine exceptional customer service with strategic representation. We strive to achieve our client’s goals in the most efficient way possible. Our methods are calculated to produce results for our clients, while minimizing their emotional drain and financial expense.

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Come Meet With Us In-Person To Discuss Your Case.

The very best way to select an excellent family law attorney is to meet with them in-person and the see how they make you feel. If you meet with them and they make you feel confident, and you feel like you can trust them with your important case, then you know they are the right choice. When clients meet with us, they often remark how happy they are that they came in.

What Makes a Good Family Law Attorney?

Our Family Law Attorneys Handle the Following Types of Cases:

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony or Spousal Support, Division of the Marital Assets, Paternity, Restraining Orders, and Guardianship.

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Passionate, Intelligent, Results-Driven Representation

One of the primary differences between our attorneys and other attorneys is that we bring energy to your cases. Our attorneys are highly energetic and driven to win. The energy with which we fight our clients’ cases derives from the fact that we love what we do. This passion helps our clients feel reassured throughout what can be an emotionally difficult process.

In addition, we are big believers that great representation is intelligent representation. Our attorneys take pride in handling each and every case in a very thoughtful and strategic way. We have found that with careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and hard work we can often produce the results our clients want and deserve.

High Quality, Yet Affordable, Family Law Services

Many people mistakenly believe that high quality representation must necessarily be expensive. However, the reality is that when you have a skilled attorney, with integrity, who is comitted to resolving your case as efficiently as possible, they can save you a great deal of money. Knowing how to resolve a client’s case efficiently is a skill, in and of itself. Not all attorneys understand their craft well enough to know how to avoid needless steps and potential dead ends. We will save you money by handling your case carefully and intelligently. With our firm you can have the best representation at fees you can afford.

What Makes a Good Family Law Attorney?

Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

While it is generally a tremendous advantage to have a great family law attorney representing you, you do not have to have an attorney in family court. If you are considering representing yourself you should read the following Blog post for guidance. Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney to Represent Me?

Customer Service is Paramount in Family Law.

We take customer service seriously. Our clients feel the difference from the first time they meet with them. Our clients can feel that we care about their cases. We listen intently to understand their concerns, then we move forward provide them solutions. We understand the value of frequent, consistent, and honest communication with our clients. We strive to provide the best customer service of all family law attorneys.